P R O J E C T S  –  mainly Audio – Visuals. With  d i g i t a l  it’s possible now to incorporate VIDEO. Using this creativley and purposefully, you can enhance a production more than with any pre-programmed special effect.

Why the AUDIO first in AV  ?  a) it flows better in speech and  b) AUDIO is sometimes more important than the VISUALS. The Italians call  it “Colonna Sonora” –  the sound column – for nothing.  You do well to build your visuals around that column, so to speak. Just using some “shopping mall” music is not a good idea.

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Fire + Ice

As fairly often happens, I see some items which give me ideas. Preparing veggies for a PIZZA, using ice blocks to rapidly cool the sliced and boiled marrows to preserve their strong colour. The ice cubes get quickly hollowed out –  and that’s roughly my future picture. No marrows here, I don’t waste foodstuff. For this picture […]

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