It’s a temporary title, I might change it to “ From Amaranth to Zantedeschia”. The theme I had done in my slide-AV days, some people called it “Veg-City” after the big fruit + veg retailer. Scanning slides was not an option for this AV. BloomBoom is not a garden show, that will be a different Audio-Visual, more about home gardening with its joys and tribulations  ( mainly pests, sharing the fruits of one’s labour).


That little spider on the Poppy I only noticed, once I had transferred the images to the PC.

Feb. 2018.  Presently I have my “BloomBoom” 70% finished. This 1-minute MP4 file is about 7.7 MB, resolution 800 x 450 pix. I extracted 3 parts, one for each section of the sound. Very slow beginning, medium-pace middle and a really fast end.

The clip includes the transition from medium to fast pace at the poppies.

The overlay on seven of the yellow coreopsis blooms you just saw briefly, coming in from left to right, synced with the beats: 1-2-3-4-5-6—7.  A special effect, not done with any of these “300 new effects in our new…………version”

7 coreopsis heads on blinking water

Just recently our (outgone) chairlady at the local photo club urged the dwingling membership to go into Audio-Visual making, after all “you will have thousands of images on your harddrive, so what’s stopping you to make AVs?”  That’s the same old ignorance, as long ago a viewer asked me after a slide-AV screening: “I got boxes and boxes of slides stacked away, will you help me to make AVs?”

AV makers will know that the above sentiment is certainly not the the right way to make meaningful AVs or Videos.

In the Harold Porter Botanical Garden

In the Harold Porter Botanical Garden.  

My idea of “50 /50”  means 50 meters – 50 km.   So far 80% of my subjects I find within our gardens and for more inspiration there is the Harold Porter Botanical Garden about 25 km from here. That’s where my motto “travelling light” comes in, photographically and environmentally. I keep my compact camera until it gives up. It’s the second one since 2006.

A 12 – second sequence took me really very long. Now I’m thinking up more complicated szenes. Some ideas work, others don’t.

A "rare visitor" the book states, but this Cape Eagle Owl seems to like our garden.

Birds of a Feather – they all come together

I’m not a real birder…….not with my compact camera. But what if those feathered friends insist to be pictured?  I just oblige.

Here I tried the “coninuous” mode, which delivers 6 images in 1.5 seconds or  the faster setting, giving me 6 pictures in 1 second. After that, the processor has a break to store the files. With big cameras you get 8 images per second and you can shoot dozens in one go. Those machines also give you extreme super sharpness, detailing every minutest detail, which the normal eye cannot detect – wow!

With this Owl the medium speed was good.  I did miss the “stuka – attack” of a Cape Bul-Bul (Bottergat) which dive-bombed the peaceful Owl. That’s more a matter of one’s anticipation and reaction, but a superfast on-going rapid-shoting mode would help.

The natural light in the eye in the close-up shots is perfect, but I’m not so happy about the sharp round light in some of the other shots at the end. No flash used, but a gold-colour reflector which enhanced the plumage, also created the “pin-prick” effect in the eye.

Thomas, May 2017

Venice – a week of bliss


Venice intro-clip, 11 MB from niemolens on Vimeo.


A work in Progress, very much so, as I only learnt recently, how to determine the Video file sizes. I will render Videos in the various Projects as 800 x 450 pix and replace the one above as soon as I continue.

Of course all photography and video is my own work, I don’t beg, steal or borrow from the internet. Google Earth Pro is a different matter. I have seen an AV where the maker used historical images, acknowledged them and produced a superb series. I strongly recommend to PSSA (our head organisation for Photo Clubs in South Africa) to introduce a “PRODUCTIONS” category for AV contests.

The present “V E N E Z I A”  is an intro to a travel Audio – Visual, comprising stills, video clips and sound of course. A trailer in commercial video would have the most outstanding scenes, blink-of-the-eye type. These 80 seconds show the actual beginnings of an estimated 12 to 14 minutes feature on Venice, which is only a fraction of what one can experience there.

February, 2017