It’s a temporary title, I might change it to “ From Amaranth to Zantedeschia”. The theme I had done in my slide-AV days, some people called it “Veg-City” after the big fruit + veg retailer. Scanning slides was not an option for this AV. BloomBoom is not a garden show, that will be a different Audio-Visual, more about home gardening with its joys and tribulations  ( mainly pests, sharing the fruits of one’s labour).


That little spider on the Poppy I only noticed, once I had transferred the images to the PC.

Feb. 2018.  Presently I have my “BloomBoom” 70% finished. This 1-minute MP4 file is about 7.7 MB, resolution 800 x 450 pix. I extracted 3 parts, one for each section of the sound. Very slow beginning, medium-pace middle and a really fast end.

The clip includes the transition from medium to fast pace at the poppies.

The overlay on seven of the yellow coreopsis blooms you just saw briefly, coming in from left to right, synced with the beats: 1-2-3-4-5-6—7.  A special effect, not done with any of these “300 new effects in our new…………version”

7 coreopsis heads on blinking water

Just recently our (outgone) chairlady at the local photo club urged the dwingling membership to go into Audio-Visual making, after all “you will have thousands of images on your harddrive, so what’s stopping you to make AVs?”  That’s the same old ignorance, as long ago a viewer asked me after a slide-AV screening: “I got boxes and boxes of slides stacked away, will you help me to make AVs?”

AV makers will know that the above sentiment is certainly not the the right way to make meaningful AVs or Videos.

In the Harold Porter Botanical Garden

In the Harold Porter Botanical Garden.  

My idea of “50 /50”  means 50 meters – 50 km.   So far 80% of my subjects I find within our gardens and for more inspiration there is the Harold Porter Botanical Garden about 25 km from here. That’s where my motto “travelling light” comes in, photographically and environmentally. I keep my compact camera until it gives up. It’s the second one since 2006.

A 12 – second sequence took me really very long. Now I’m thinking up more complicated szenes. Some ideas work, others don’t.

Kamieskroon Hotel, venue of Photo-Workshops

AGAPE remembered

A short Audio Visual, mainly for club photographers  and especially as a leg-pull for insiders of that elite photographers’ group “AGAPE”.  If you stick around long enough in the amateur photo-scene you will notice these separate little clubs developing. Membership is by invitation only, I don’t know the criteria. The anointed ones prefer to keep their “club” a secret, but have the urge to manifest their superiority.

Being a bit annoyed by their behaviour, I thought of a short skit, still in the slide – days. AGAPE used the twice-yearly photo-weeks in Kamiskroon (Northern Cape) to meet up with the famous Canadian photographer Freeman Patterson.

I was not participating in those meetings, but a young friend went for one week and I gave him a shooting list for all the photos I needed. Robert owed me a little favour, he had moved to Cape Town from Namibia and I took him to various photo clubs for two years.  We also fed him up a bit and I helped him along starting his own AV making.  He first got inspired by a multi-projector open- air show in the desert near Windhoek, helping the organiser / photographer.

The AGAPE skit is the only AV  using to 95 % my scanned slides, because most shots are “historical”. I replaced only a few slide-images  with new digital files, in order to retain the “grotty” look of the original, e.g. cut-up photos, illustrations from books and magazines etc. – nowadays one would set the scanner to de-screen.  And certainly one would not physically cut and paste as I had done at the start.

Experts know that Nikon never made a “F8” model, but the wording had to rhyme. So, I painted that over the original F-whatever it was, rather amateurishly, on purpose of course.

Writing lyrics was a first for me. The famous song ( Ag Pleez Deddy ) by Jeremy Taylor is known to every one in South Africa across generations. I arranged with a music student, who sung to her guitar playing, recording it in the studio of the Stellenbosch University, Drama Department.  She just checked my lines, chose the different keys and after two takes it was perfect, especially the very emphasised end.

Have a look at parts of the original text sheet.   ag-pleez-part-text-734x582




As usual for my AV making, the sound is either complete or planned in detail before I do the visuals.

Telling a personal story in song, one cannot freely interchange visuals. It’s ideal to plan sound and visuals in parallel.

Naturally I chose the plants growing in the areas mentioned or at least in the type of habitat. Finding and photographing them took a season or two.  When I screened the series at an AV Convention in Velddrif  (West – Coast ) there was “not a dry seat in the house”, as the saying goes.   VELDDRIF I remember at a later Photo-congress, where I started another AV, or so I had hoped. It did not work out with the pictures I made. Re-planning the show with video clips ( about wine-tasting ) will be quite involved in the making. More on that, once I have made some progress.  —-  Thomas   Feb. 2017