A "rare visitor" the book states, but this Cape Eagle Owl seems to like our garden.

Birds of a Feather – they all come together

I’m not a real birder…….not with my compact camera. But what if those feathered friends insist to be pictured?  I just oblige.

Here I tried the “coninuous” mode, which delivers 6 images in 1.5 seconds or  the faster setting, giving me 6 pictures in 1 second. After that, the processor has a break to store the files. With big cameras you get 8 images per second and you can shoot dozens in one go. Those machines also give you extreme super sharpness, detailing every minutest detail, which the normal eye cannot detect – wow!

With this Owl the medium speed was good.  I did miss the “stuka – attack” of a Cape Bul-Bul (Bottergat) which dive-bombed the peaceful Owl. That’s more a matter of one’s anticipation and reaction, but a superfast on-going rapid-shoting mode would help.

The natural light in the eye in the close-up shots is perfect, but I’m not so happy about the sharp round light in some of the other shots at the end. No flash used, but a gold-colour reflector which enhanced the plumage, also created the “pin-prick” effect in the eye.

Thomas, May 2017

Venice – a week of bliss


Venice intro-clip, 11 MB from niemolens on Vimeo.


A work in Progress, very much so, as I only learnt recently, how to determine the Video file sizes. I will render Videos in the various Projects as 800 x 450 pix and replace the one above as soon as I continue.

Of course all photography and video is my own work, I don’t beg, steal or borrow from the internet. Google Earth Pro is a different matter. I have seen an AV where the maker used historical images, acknowledged them and produced a superb series. I strongly recommend to PSSA (our head organisation for Photo Clubs in South Africa) to introduce a “PRODUCTIONS” category for AV contests.

The present “V E N E Z I A”  is an intro to a travel Audio – Visual, comprising stills, video clips and sound of course. A trailer in commercial video would have the most outstanding scenes, blink-of-the-eye type. These 80 seconds show the actual beginnings of an estimated 12 to 14 minutes feature on Venice, which is only a fraction of what one can experience there.

February, 2017