Lake of Stars – MALAWI

I wasn’t too happy embedding my videos via YouTube and Vimeo. VideoPress (WordPress) gives me a good size/quality compromise at 800 pix wide and nobody sqeezes ads into my work. I don’t like them, why should my viewers be saddled with that? 

Short as this introduction to Malawi is, it needs a different beginning and also the end I will change. Enough Ideas, but when do I get down to it ?  with all my (self-inflicted) committments.

“M A L A W I – the warm Heart of Africa”   that’s how we first got to know that small, interesting, not-so-well-known country.

Our third visit to Malawi  was the shortest stay, just under a week. We meant to go onto the Lake Steamer again, but changed our plans and concentrated on a small area around Senga Bay. Livingstonia Beach Hotel rents out tents on their large informal area. The “Front of House Manager” Richard Mwase organized some local young mothers for a photo shoot as well as the “Kuche – Kuche Family Band” a group playing their traditional, acoustic instruments and singing of course. The introduction is a bit over 4 minutes long. If you watch it, you might realize, why it took me hours and hours to get this Audio-Visual / Video together. For the longer show I will sort out my previously captured images, slides and no Video then, or if everything goes well, we make another trip to that special country.

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