homeward bound

31. 3. 2021, testing for pull quotes and overhanging images, as suggested in “Chat” of today. That is: normal text as written here in this Paragraph.

I also write a bit of description to the above sample image, as would be for viewers:

A feather, dropped by one of our bird residents / seasonal visitors. Photo on copy stand with a drop of water. That feature lit up with a laser pointer, clamped in rigid position.

I vary the size from standard 16 to Custom 18.

New paragraph. Ah – first type, then choose “underline”. inline IMAGE, just testing.

Inserted separators works well here, check in LIM-ED. did not work on pages Viola.

Addition / overlay to flower centers in AV “Bloom-Boom” or whatever the title will be eventually.

Overlay to 7 Coreopsis flowerhaeds. Tried as a pull quote, now with quote signs

what do the system mean with : write citation ?