about audio-visual/video

Audio Visual – all sorts of names had been adapted for that medium – in the past a minimum of two slide projectors, otherwise there would be a dark screen between images, about one second at best. The creative dissolve was one of the most important elements of these shows. Still is – or ought to be – today with digital equipment.

Sound is still much more important than most digital programme suppliers make it out. For real Audio Visual, one would not take any old background music, doodling along. It ought to guide the visuals in most productions. O.k, beginners select a suitable piece, – priority is the length – after they have estimated average screentimes of the images.  That’s quite normal, I have started like that as well.

Average does not mean, equal dissolves and screen times. That you can choose in the programme, click “auto-show”, and this might be useful for setting up the basic show. Any AV, which is made like that, without any changes in rhythm ( according to your sound ) will be an inferior show.

If you see enough good AVs, you might soon pay more attention to the sound. Either have lyrics to which you will fit images or you work in tandem, sound and images. I does pay off to have a good idea of the music and the images. If you have a theme – say flowers and plant related – you could record the music, edit and get a feel for the piece or the mix. Then you play it quite often and think which images are suitable to each other and to the music.     ……………so far    12. Sept. 2017 …………

Fire + Ice

As fairly often happens, I see some items which give me ideas. Preparing veggies for a PIZZA, using ice blocks to rapidly cool the sliced and boiled marrows to preserve their strong colour. The ice cubes get quickly hollowed out –  and that’s roughly my future picture. No marrows here, I don’t waste foodstuff.

For this picture I use warm backgrounds and mixed light – filtered. The rest is done in Photoshop with the simple tools I can manage, saturation of colour channels  separately and some more than normal sharpening.

hot + cold ice

Double Helix, 50Hz

This time I had to go back to my archive, as the shots I took in the morning, didn’t work.

Starting off with a single helix, shaped from an off-cut sliver of metal. Then sanding the edges to get the fine lines. It needed some experimentation with a vibrating motion -50 Hz- and using filtered lighting. The dark background was ideal to create a mirror image in Photoshop.  A lot of work, but rewarding.     ThomasDouble Helix, 50Hz

A Moment in Time

Time standing still? The hands do, even though the clock is running. See the pendulum, which is really a large balance wheel and makes one complete oscillation – forward and back in one minute. The 15 to 20 seconds exposure made the balance move quite visibly. That was possible with lowest ISO, smallest aperture and Neutral Density filter, built into those digital compact wonders.

Most of the themes give me ideas how to interpret them in various ways, but time is just too short to do that during the 10 days….ThomasATMOS


SCALE, hands

Working with hands and what drives them, I’m sometimes surprised what I find in boxes.

The scale between the various hands is obvious, from a large hour hand suitable for a small exterior clock to the other end of the scale — pocket watch hands. All of a bygone area.

I probably will scale up one type of the small pairs making a wall clock for domestic use.





Playing with light

60 Minutes play of Light

I’ve tried this idea some time back and was not happy with the result.

The best time of year is May to August, when the afternoon sun comes into the house at the right angle through a hollow fancy brick section. A loose leaved tree  with the wind’s help decides, when the sun can shine through which openings. A slightly hazy sky would give softer light patches, I guess.

To get the rough bricks show up best, I placed a dimmed flood light close to the wall, shining from the bottom up. Anticipating the light patches was a challenge. Next time I might try some continuous shooting, but what’s the challenge?

I do have enough minute to minute shots which I would project in a quarter-second rhythm to move the hands smoothly. I’m a clockmaker, by the way.

Hope, you like it. Thomas



As it is winter here, Cape Town – South Africa, we enjoy the mild sunlight on quiet days.

But as gardeners we want more rain than sunny days. These Metalasia bushes grow prolifically in our garden, coastal dune vegetation.

I wanted to capture the soft evening light and waited for the sun to come through between the last cloudbank and the hills, before setting. No luck. I believe, for this challenge we have to make new photographs, not using archive pictures.

I took part of a damaged bush into my make-shift studio and used a dimmed photo-light and two reflectors to simulate the soft sunlight.

Warmth, Metalasia plant