informal portraits

Garden Work + Treasures

Small things seen with a compact camera


Bug from the compost
Bug, fragile legs, parts missing

Doing some macro photography with my compact camera. Everything is possible – well, not E V E R Y T H I N G, but pretty much what I like to picture in my 50 / 50 photography. I use different lighting to enhance some details.

bottom part of the bug
Underpart of the bug

A large part of my photography is tied in with my garden work including compost-making. That’s where I find the occasional bug – deceased after a season’s working, making compost with thousands of other helpers.

This underpart with the “rear-panel”, is not larger than a small fingernail.


body part of a bug
“rear-panel” of the bug


The Glassman cometh

The Glassman cometh

The Idea came to me in my garden, seeing my shadow on a cold morning.

The Grassman cometh.300 pix

The Grassman cometh

My upturned collar and hat  formed one shape. The title is reminiscent of the 1973 film “The Iceman cometh”.

I developed a few variations of that title. As usual in my photography, I hardly use digital effects. For today’s theme my old idea came in handy and I am pleased with my latest experiments. Will work on refinements, when I have some time to spare.



SCALE, hands

Working with hands and what drives them, I’m sometimes surprised what I find in boxes…..

The scale between the various hands is obvious, from a large hour hand suitable for a small exterior clock to the other end of the scale — pocket watch hands. All of a by-gone era.

I have scaled up the upper small pair in brass for mechanical mantel clocks and the lower type I will use as a sample for one fairly large wall clock.


Playing with time & light

60 Minutes play of Light

I’ve tried this idea some time back and was not happy with the result.

(E D I T  for new cont. shots)

The best time of year is May to August – a couple of months around the winter solstice. That’s when the afternoon sun comes into the house at the right angle through a hollow fancy brick section. A loose-leaved tree decides, when the sun can shine through which openings. A slightly hazy sky would give softer light patches, I guess.

To get the rough bricks show up best, I placed a dimmed flood light close to the wall, shining from the bottom up. Anticipating the light patches was a challenge.   August 2018: The tree was not fully in leaf, so I tried the continuous mode ( 1 shot per minute ) programmed on the PC to cahnge in a 2/10 sec. rhythm rendred as a vertical Video,  ( I just read on Instagram it’s the latest fad, just was ignorant 

        E D I T

clockmaker  precise,  creative……..